Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about your planned procedure, please review my FAQ's below.
For any questions not covered, please feel free to call me or ask your question via the Contact Form.

Following your enquiry you will be offered a free, no obligation to buy consultation. This allows the practitioner to see your skin in order to provide you with an honest and best advice of which treatment(s) would be best for you and why. It also provides you with the opportunity to meet Nicola to see whether you will trust and like her to be your practitioner.

You will be encouraged to discuss your skin concerns, any previous treatment and/or surgery and ask any questions. You will be asked to provide details about your health, lifestyle and medications in order to be provided with the best and safest advice. Realistic expectations of outcomes and results are also discussed. You may also be provided with product/treatment information leaflets and/or a website address so you can further research if desired.

Following a consultation if you wish to proceed with a treatment, some of the skin treatments you can have on the same day and visit of your consultation. However, for some of the treatments a minimum of 24 hours cooling period is provided and some treatments need to be ordered in on an individualised patient basis.

If you are wanting treatment at a later date or your product needs ordering, a non refundable deposit is required which is taken off the total cost and is non-refundable if you cancel.

You will also be given pre-care treatment advice (if applicable) and you will be required to complete a medical history questionnaire and sign a consent form to state you have been provided with a full explanations, including benefits, risks and expectations of treatment.

If you require wrinkle relaxing injections you will need to see Nicola's qualified prescriber in order to have a prescription completed to process the order. This is a legal requirement for this treatment because it is a Prescription Only Medication (POM).

Firstly, like a prescribed medication from your doctor, one medication does not suit all. Where one patient may have a great response from a wrinkle relaxing treatment, another person may get little to no response. Everyone is individual and your lifestyle, any medication and metabolism all play a part, hence the completion of a medical history questionnaire and consent form.

Secondly, depending on the area intending to treat, your skin and other factors, a specific product may be advised to maintain/promote your safety, achieve desired results If this is your first anti aging, non surgical treatment, this is also considered"

This is why your comprehensive skin consultation is really important, as it covers so many important aspects so you can be provided with the best, recommended options in order for you to make an informed decision. You don't have to make any decision there and then, as there is no hard sell practice or pressure.

Vaughan Aesthetics maintains ethical practice standards. You will also be advised if you do not need a treatment.

Currently there are two payment options. You can pay in cash, or there is also an option to make monthly or regular payments via GoCardless.

Upon request to set up a regular payment scheme, you will be sent an email link for you to set up your GoCardless account. You can decide how much you want to save and how often. Once the full, total cost of the treatment has been received by Vaughan Aesthetics, your treatment can be administered. Some treatments which require a course for example skin needling, you can pay the cost per session.

Your comfort is of paramount importance, both physically and psychologically. So if you are nervous and for example you have a phobia of needles, reassurance and time is given and checks to ensure you wish to proceed. You are allocated an adequate time slot, so treatment is not rushed and you are given full, undivided attention. The products are opened in front of you, the skin is appropriately and fully prepared and if required marked up. Explanations are provided if necessary and required.

Before and after pictures are taken for your patient records, which is a legal requirement. Please note products are opened at the time of your treatment as Vaughan Aesthetics follows an open and transparent practice.

Immediately after treatment you are provided with verbal and written post-care advice, product information leaflets and details (if required). For most treatments you will be booked in for a review, and for some treatments, you also receive a 48 hour post treatment communication. You are encouraged to contact Nicola if you have any questions, queries or concerns.

Some treatments and areas of the skin are more painful than others and require a local anaesthetic to be applied. Some people also have a lower pain threshold than others. All of this will be discussed, explained and planned appropriately.

Although Vaughan Aesthetics is committed to lifelong learning and education, all medical treatments and procedures carry a risk. These are reduced through a good knowledge of physiology, anatomy, products and treatments, performing a thorough consultation and medical history and maintaining Infection Control, Basic Life Support and Managing Complications training and standards.

The potential risks and complications are fully discussed and covered in your consultation and are documented on the consent form you will be required to read and sign. Other safety measures employed include providing pre and post care advice and careful selection of products and techniques to administer them. If a complication does arise, the appropriate treatment and/or measures will be followed to resolve it.

Vaughan Aesthetics reserves the right to decline performing a treatment if the risks outweigh the benefits. Neither will a treatment be performed if Nicola does not have the necessary skills or training. Patient safety is paramount.

For some of the treatments, there is expected downtime.

Severity, length and the reasons why will be fully explained at your consultation, and reinforced on treatment day.

This depends upon the treatment you are receiving.

Some results are immediate, others can occur within 3-4 days and some throughout the following month. Again, this is fully explained at your consultation and treatment. Realistic expectations are fully discussed at consultation.

For the majority of results, a review is required in order to assess for results. There are many variables which can influence the results of a treatment, from the patient but also external. This can be age, lifestyle, medication (including non prescribed such as over the counter, herbal), metabolism, product, transit, storage, practitioner technique or dosage. There is an extensive list of possible variables which will be explored.

This will be discussed and explored either at your review, or if this occurs after review, you will be invited and advised to attend a face to face review.

Please note there is no guarantee of a refund. A full or partial refund will depend on the outcome and careful consideration of the cause. Every case is treated as individual to achieve the appropriate outcome.

Yes, there is.

Depending on the desired or proposed treatment, there is a specific exclusion criteria as patient safety is paramount. This is covered and considered at your consultation. You will be advised against treatment if it is going to be detrimental to your health and well-being.

Patient Promise

"Vaughan Aesthetics will endeavour to reply to enquiries within 24-48 hours. You will be offered a free, face to face consultation where a thorough assessment and two way discussion can take place. This enables the correct proposed treatment plan is put in place. A holistic approach is adopted, and depending on your skin needs, a personalised treatment plan will be commenced in order to work towards your skin goals and desired results. The holistic approach and cost of your treatment(s) include consultation, any additional required advice, information, support, reassurance, treatment, products, pre and post care advice, reviews and any ongoing support. No appointment is rushed. You will be given an allocated time, where you are given full attention and priority. Vaughan Aesthetics is committed to continuous service improvement to give you the patient experience you deserve. This is achieved by additional training, education and client feedback"