Treatments and Pricing

Lines and Wrinkles

Lines, Wrinkles and Volume Replacement (including Lip Fillers).

There are three different types of lines – dynamic (the lines which appear on movement and expression), static (present when the muscles are at rest) and gravity (which occur naturally with age, as the skin and bone lose structure and the skin starts to fold and sag).

The treatment for dynamic, expressive lines is with a toxin derived from a natural occurring bacterial protein.

Botulinum toxin type A (the main active ingredient) was first discovered in 1943. It wasn't until 1973 that it started to be used for medical purposes. It has been used in medicine for many conditions, including migraines, over active bladders, persistent muscle spasms and excessive sweating.

It has then been discovered it can be used for aesthetic, anti-ageing purposes, working as a muscle relaxant, reducing excessive muscle contractions therefore smoothing and softening lines. Some of these products have been used for many years and have a large research evidence base to support their effectiveness and safety.

Treatment for expressive lines is injected into the muscle, and does NOT cross the blood-brain barrier. It is not a permanent treatment. It reaches its maximum results at 2 weeks then slowly and gradually wears off over the coming weeks. Recommended manufacturer longevity of results will be explained at your consultation.

The manufacturer of the product brand advised at consultation has a result efficacy of up to 5 months in the glabellar (frown lines). Variances to this will be discussed at your consultation. Should you wish a specific brand to be used this can also be discussed at your consultation.

Prices from £150


As we age we lose fat, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and bone, to name a few. This loss creates static, gravity lines such as nose to mouth lines, "smokers" (peri oral) lines and "puppet" (marionette) lines. It is also a great treatment for thin lips. Dermal fillers fill lines to recreate smooth skin. They have developed a lot from the days of certain celebrities and their famous, botched "pout trout". Dermal fillers now also lift the skin (providing structure or scaffolding), create volume and some also hydrate - all of which create a more youthful appearance. The main active ingredient is hyaluronic acid (HA) and replaces your naturally depleted HA. After treatment and over time, it breaks down and is reabsorbed into the body. Some Dermal fillers can also be treated for delicate areas such as the crows feet with effective results. Different techniques using needle and cannula are used depending upon the desired result. Again, there are a broad variety of brands and manufacturers, but currently, the main brand used at Vaughan Aesthetics Teoxane ®. Requests made by clients for a specific brand can be discussed at consultation.

Crows Feet

Crows Feet Treatment using Teoxane RHA1

Dermal Fillers

Teoxane Injectable Toolbox

Is your mid face starting to lose volume, making it look sunken or hollow? Is gravity taking hold of your skin and you may also notice your nose to mouth lines? Then it is worth considering mid (cheek) volumisation with dermal fillers. Don't be put off or scared of over rounded cheeks. Small amounts deposited in the correct area can lift your skin and also provide much needed volume to give you a fresher, healthier appearance.


To give you a thorough consultation and realistic outcome of results your assessment and price will not be by the ml. Your skin will be discussed by the severity of your volume loss, lines and wrinkles. Prices will be based on mild, moderate and severe.

Prices start from £200


Lip Fillers

3D Lips

Dermal Fillers

Teoxane Injectable Toolbox

With this treatment a complimentary product, the brand new Teoxane 3D® Lips is also provided. This product hydrates, plumps and nourishes the lips further enhancing your filler treatment.


For RHA Kiss £170
Other prices starts from £200

Milk Peel

Dull Skin

Are you fed up dull, tired looking skin? Are you wanting a healthy, radiant glow, reduce pore size and lines and wrinkles, an improved complexion and/or rid of fine, fuzzy facial hair? Then the Milk Peel and Dermaplaning treatments are your go to.

They are quick, minimal downtime, instant results and very purse, budget friendly. They're great as a treat for yourself or if you've got an important event, whether it's a date, party or more formal affair. They are suitable for any age and are a good way to start looking after your skin, or enhance results as a combination of treatments.


The Milk Peel is a superficial skin/chemical peel, which removes the dead skin cells on the epidermis (top layer of skin) allowing the action of the new skin cells to work more efficiently. This enables your skin to look fresh and radiant, evens out skin tone, regulates oily skin and reduces pore size and lines and wrinkles. The main, active ingredient is glycolic acid, which increases skin cell turnover and exfoliation. The Milk Peel is suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types, younger skin and has no social downtime, with little to no shedding of the skin.


A single Milk Peel treatment is £50.


This is a manual exfoliation treatment using a sterile, single use blade at a 45 degree angle. Performed at this angle, it removes dead skin cells and those fine, fuzzy facial hairs you see, especially in bright light and when applying make up. The fine, fuzzy facial hair does not grow back thicker, darker or a different colour as it does not come from a pore. The specific degree angle of the blade is to avoid cutting the skin. The skin is cleansed, treated and then post treatment skincare products are applied. Some of the post treatment products can be tailor made if you are pregnant, have sensitive skin or rosacea.

The treatment gives you glowing, healthy looking and radiant skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, better absorption of skincare products and better application/finish of make up. This treatment is suitable for most skin types with immediate results and little or no downtime. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment, but works great as a combination with other treatments.


A single Dermaplaning treatment is £50. This includes a complimentary hydrating face mask which is worth £15.

If combined with other treatments, the Dermaplaning treatment is £25.

Tear Troughs - Before and After
Tear Troughs Treatment

Tear Troughs Treatment

Are under eye circles making you feel like you look permanently tired or older? Are they hollow (volume loss) and/or do you have dark under eye circles?

Now available is Redensity 2 ® by Teoxane,. The ONLY licensed product for this delicate area of the under eye circles, otherwise known as Tear Troughs.

Although it is still a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, unlike the other filler products it is a specially, different formula specifically for this area, as the skin is often thinner, with less fat under the skin. It does not attract water like other fillers, so keeps swelling to a minimum. No oedema or "sausage" effect under the eyes.

It also has 14 essential nutrients including zinc to revitalise the skin and lighten the dark area. It fills the hollow caused by volume loss making the rye area look fresher, more hydrated and more youthful.

Both the needle and cannula technique can be used and this can be discussed at consultation, although cannula tends to be the preferred method of treatment for safety and patient comfort. The product comes with local anaesthetic in order to also aid comfort.

Depending upon the severity of your tear troughs, more than one treatment may be advised. Also, due to the complex nature of your skin and anatomy in this area, to maintain your safety you may be advised to have your one treatment in two individual sittings/appointments. This will be discussed at your consultation.

Results can be seen immediately after treatment and also continue to further develop for another two weeks. Overall treatment results last for 12 months.

Receive a complimentary gift of the Teoxane Advanced RII Contour cream with this treatment, RRP £65. This further enhances your results and also provides further hydration and firms loose, crepey skin.

This product can also be purchased as a stand alone item without the treatment.



perfect Peel

Problematic Skin

Fed up of acne scarring and pigmentation? Do you have healthier, more youthful skin and reduce lines and wrinkles?

Skin needling treats a wide variety of skin concerns. This is delivered via an electronic pen device with a set of tiny, fine single use needles which go into the dermis (second layer of skin) in a stamp like technique. It stimulates fibroblasts within the skin, which promotes natural production of collagen and elastin to smooth and tighten skin, creating volume and a more youthful, radiant, healthier looking skin. The skin is prepared with a topical local anaesthetic cream and then cleansed. Prior to the insertion of the pen/needle device, a treatment specific serum is applied to the skin, which is penetrated into the dermis to give enhanced results for the specific skin problem identified.

You can choose how intense the treatment is, but more effective results are gained by a more intense treatment. You can have your first session lighter and then go more intense with each session. Because it is stimulating new skin cell growth, erythema (redness) is expected, but severity will vary depending on your skin and treatment intensity. Some downtime is expected and will be explained at consultation. A complimentary bottle of soothing cream is included in the price.

To achieve optimum results a course of treatments is recommended. You may also be advised your skin may require pre-treatment preparation, especially if you have problematic skin.


A single Skin Needling treatments is £100


The Perfect Peel is a medium peel with it's own, unique blend of ingredients to brighten and tighten your skin. It also treats acne and helps to get pigmentation under control. It can be used on all Fitzpatrick skin types. This treatment comes from Hollywood, but really does give results.

The blend of ingredients in total comes to less than 12%. This means there is no need to neutralize the skin, and it also minimizes risks to the skin and your health, which larger amounts can do. Some of these ingredients include glutathione – a powerful skin antioxidant and skin lightener, kojic acid – has skin lightening properties and stops melanin production in the upper layers of skin (pigmentation), TCA – helps pigmentation, scarring, lines and wrinkles, retinoic acid, phenol, salicylic acid – good for acne and vitamin C and minerals – powerful antioxidants and hydrators.

Upon application some discomfort is expected for a very short time upon application, but settles quickly and is not painful. It is a relatively quick treatment and there is a period of downtime with this treatment, which is explained at consultation. You can receive your treatment so if you have some days off from work or occasions, the downtime can fall on these.

If having The Perfect Peel to treat problematic skin, it will be recommended to pre-treat your skin in order for the results of the treatment to be more effective. There is a choice of skincare ranges to suit all budgets and skin types.

For even better results, a combination of skin needling and The Perfect work really well together. Not only can they be used to treat the face, but also other areas, for example, the back.


The price for The Perfect Peel varies depending on what it is treating. Price starts from £350 which includes a consultation, treatment, follow up and some bespoke selected skincare products.

Treatment Six

Skin Boosters

Needing something to hydrate the skin and nourish it? Does your skin have that crepe effect on your face, neck, hands and décolletage?

Redensity 1 by Teoxane is a non cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fluid which is NOT dermal filler, with a combination of anti oxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins (all naturally produced in the skin) are very superficially injected into the skin/area to be treated. This treatment is effectively nutrition for your skin in an injection which also hydrates and smooth's your skin giving you a more radiant and healthier look. This treatment can be used for the full face décolletage neck and hands.

Results start to take effect almost immediately and continue to improve, hydrating, smoothing and firming the skin. Initially post treatment there may be some small, red/pink marks, which resolve within 0-48 hours depending upon your skin.


Treatment is a course of 3 sessions each one month apart. The total price for the course of treatments is £400

To stay on top of results, a maintenance treatment is required (normally around 6 months) which is £150

Skin Laxity

Skin Remodelling (Skin Laxity)


Profhilo is a game changing treatment. The first treatment of it's kind that has multi action, targeting multiple skin needs. It has taken non-surgical, anti ageing treatments by storm and has rapidly become very popular both globally and now the UK.

Is your skin losing elasticity, volume, in poor health, lines and wrinkles, crepe effect skin? Profhilo is a non-cross linked treatment with the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid - 64mg. This is about three times the strength of regular dermal fillers, and it works differently. Injected superficially, it can be used to treat the face, upper arms, hands, neck and décolletage. It has a biophysical profile, is thermal stabilised and consists of both high and low molecules.

The two different sized molecules are what gives it its unique multi action. Profilo stimulates the production of fibroblasts and collagen and provides scaffolding for the skin (creating volume and lifting and tightening the skin). It also hydrates and nourishes the skin, smoothing it and making it healthier and more youthful. Due to its collagen stimulating properties it has also been noticed to reduce acne scarring. It is injected superficially, and you may notice small lumps for a short period afterwards where the product is injected. It is not a painful treatment and is relatively quick. The product then disperses, radiating out. A complimentary cream will be provided to apply to the lumps post treatment.

It is recommended a course of 2 sessions one month apart, with manufacturing recommendations of a maintenance dose from 6-7 months.

Whilst this treatment provides some volume results, it does not replace dermal fillers for volume replacement, and you may be advised that for best results a combination of treatments are required. However, at Vaughan Aesthetics you will be invited for a review at 3 months with a complimentary third session and if you don't want the results to completely wear off, you can attend your maintenance dose four months after your last session.


A single Remodelling treatments starts from £300

Patient Promise

"Vaughan Aesthetics will endeavour to reply to enquiries within 24-48 hours. You will be offered a free, face to face consultation where a thorough assessment and two way discussion can take place. This enables the correct proposed treatment plan is put in place. A holistic approach is adopted, and depending on your skin needs, a personalised treatment plan will be commenced in order to work towards your skin goals and desired results. The holistic approach and cost of your treatment(s) include consultation, any additional required advice, information, support, reassurance, treatment, products, pre and post care advice, reviews and any ongoing support. No appointment is rushed. You will be given an allocated time, where you are given full attention and priority. Vaughan Aesthetics is committed to continuous service improvement to give you the patient experience you deserve. This is achieved by additional training, education and client feedback"